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  • I'm very happy that you've taken making writing this wiki over yourself. I would really like to help in that task if you'd like. I usually comment in PRoTC pages as 'Divergence'.

    Well good luck for the wiki!

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    • Hi Divergence! Glad to see you over here.  The articles from the former official encyclopedia will be transfered soon by Meghan and they probably will need to be completed by informations from the comments and improved with infoboxes. Maybe I'll create some basic articles about the characters soon. :)

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    • I believe that you've got the original characters page from the old site. The information that was available there is for sure insufficient, and probably not in a propet format for an encyclopedia. Therefore I'd like to help with this task, though you'll have to lay the foundations. Anyway, I'd like to write now an article about Eika and Koro, Orosia etc. which will clear the path to write a history paragraph about oros, and oros-gessick relations.

      Now I need some guidance - should I write the story according to the legend of Eika and Koro, and mark it as "according to the stories...", or rather do something else?

      Second thing, pictures I uploaded from PRoTC pages. I believe that the link I added in their description is legal enough, though I'm not too knowledgeable at those matters, so I'm leaving you the legal stuff + aesthetic prefrences.

      Any other guidelines you have are welcomed :)

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    • Well... I'm full of work for still about two months, so I can progress only slowly. ^^;

      For Eika and Koro, it's the only source we have so of course you can write this (probably by having one article for their story and two others for the characters themselves). Any other point of view offered in the story or in the author comments on the web are welcome too. As long as we stay clear about where does the information come from (a legend in the story, a comment, etc.), that we keep in mind this is an encyclopedia and we don't try to overthink it, I'm okay with that. :)

      I think the link you added for the pictures are good enough (especially since Prophecy of the Circle is released with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License). ^^

      I don't have any idea for a gideline at this very moment. >_>;

      Good luck with the articles about Eika and Koro. :)

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    • Thanks for the help :)

      I'll be remote from my computer (or any computer, if smartphones don't count) in the next 2 weeks, so don't expect any progress at that time, but later I have some free time (God bless summer break :D) , so I'll hopefully have something good to add in here in about a month or so.

      I think Eika and Koro are better as a single article, but we're still far from discussing it.

      Good night :)

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  • Hello, We're excited to have Prophecy of the Circle Wiki as part of the Wikia community!

    There's still a lot to do; here are some helpful tips and links to get your wiki going:

    All of the above links are a great place to start exploring, and have fun!

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